The Songs of Sound of Music in Persian: A Comparison of Rhythms


دسترسی: در انبار

In dubbing foreign films, a major difficulty occurs with Musicals, as they contain songs and numbers. The difficulty arises from the fact that translation of songs and numbers could hardly match the content, tone, and rhythm of the original songs. As such, dubbed songs and numbers seldom reflect the artistic quality of original ones. Considering this, spectators may prefer subtitles to dubbing, because it seems a better way to understand the meaning and tone of lyrics of the original songs. Confronted with lyrics so rich in culture- bound
idioms and terms (i.e. historical and social references), some translators may decide to merely “reproduce” the lyrics in their original language and avoid translating them. This book explores the ways through which the rhythm of original numbers could be maintained and reflected in the translated ones

هم اکنون در انبار موجود نیست - اما میتوانید این محصول را پیش خرید کنید



مؤلفان: محمد شهبا، فاطمه مهدیان

تعداد صفحه: ۱۸۱

نوع جلد: شومیز

اندازه: رقعی

ناشر: عصر ترجمه

تاریخ نشر: ۱۳۹۸

شابک: ۹۷۸۶۰۰۹۹۹۹۸۸۰

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